Monday, January 2, 2012

Keep On Keeping On

There's not much in the way of news around here, and I think I'm okay with that for now. I'm in the process of securing a full-time job, stepping into independent contracting for graphic design, and beginning another round of classes next week. On one hand I'm a little impatient for things to begin, but on the other I'm trying to enjoy my last week of complete freedom. I've also been very housewife-y since we got back: cooking, baking, cleaning, organizing, shopping, etc. And just in case the next few months are as busy as I think they may be, the freezer is now stocked with two kinds of cookie dough. For emergencies, of course...

Random photos from the last couple months

"Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity."
- Gilda Radner

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