Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nesting, Apparently...

I hadn't considered nesting instincts as a force to be reckoned with - more of a myth or just a way to explain staying busy while waiting for the arrival of your little one. Well, I will now be the first to admit that the nesting instinct is not only real, but quite formidable.

Thus far, it has manifested primarily as a meal planning and freezer cooking obsession. From new recipes to new techniques, spreadsheets to shopping lists, there is now a checklist and/or folder for just about everything. The main project of the last couple weeks has been to organize and incorporate all aspects of meal planning, recipes, food preservation, and produce charts into one handy spreadsheet broken down by month. What to make in bulk, weekly grocery lists, seasonal produce, food preservation, etc - all while staying nearly gluten-free, eating seasonally, and avoiding anything highly processed.

How far along: 24 weeks
Maternity clothes: Still a mix. Belly bands or hairbands with my normal pants still work, but it's so much less hassle to just use maternity ones. A friend loaned me her stash of maternity tops so I've only purchased two pairs of trousers, a pair of jeans, a couple tees and tanks, and one cardigan.
Sleep: Oh sure, right in between the potty breaks, joint pain, insomnia...
Best moment this week: Smalls has become much more active and Chris was finally able to feel him moving!
Missing anything? Alcohol. Specifically champagne and dirty martinis.
Movement: Oh yes, probably should look into karate lessons.
Cravings: Turkey lunch meat - which I'm still avoiding for the most part, but it always sounds amazing. I've also been eating cherry tomatoes like they're going out of style!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Ketchup, the smell of microwave meals (which everyone loves to make at the office) and other people's food in general.
Gender: Boy, oh boy
Labour signs: Nope! I did have a few Braxton Hicks, but they were very mild and seem to be because I wasn't drinking enough water.
Symptoms: Forgetful, clumsy, achy, and tired, tired, tired.
Happy or moody: Moody lately, ugh! The next person to comment on how "big" I'm getting may end up on the receiving end of "I'm pregnant, what's your excuse?"
Looking forward to: Getting construction started on our lot!
Funny moments: I've been talking in my sleep a bit, which is fairly normal when I'm overtired or stressed. Recently Chris asked me to move over after I had fallen asleep; it appears that he feels entitled to "half of the bed" or some such nonsense. I'm being told that I promptly informed him, "My sides hurt and I'm extremely busy." (Chris: Ok... so can you scoot over?) "Just stop moving when I'm moving." (Chris: No one is moving...)

I know where we can find a tennis ball...

If the bed fits...

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Play Makeup Tutorial

Before we found out the gender of our little one, I decided that I needed to make play makeup kits for my nieces while they are still young enough to enjoy them (three and five years old). You know, just in case I had no reason to make them for my our own use later on. Luckily for me, my intuition is apparently still working as we found out since then that we are having a boy! Now I just need to figure out what to do with all of the adorable "girl" projects I have pinned...

(for two kits)
Powder/blush containers
(Four @ $1/each)
Eye shadow palette
(Two @ $2/each)
Large makeup brush
(Two @ $1/each)
Small makeup brush
(Two @ $1/each)
Nail polish
(Six @ $1/each)
Small zippered bag
(Two @ $1/each)

Scraping tool
to remove makeup
Paper towels
to protect counters
Nail polish remover 
in case of errant spills
for bubbles

All in all, this project cost approximately $10 per bag. I made two bags with $1-$2 products from Target (e.l.f. brand) and the Dollar Store, and I ended up with leftover nail polish of each color even after making two sets. The main thing to budget on this project is time - adequate time to allow each layer to cure is essential to avoid bubbling and/or pitting.

I used pressed powder containers from e.l.f. for both the "foundation" and "blush" in the kits - mainly because they were $1 each, but also because they come with an adorable powder puff!


The eye shadow containers were NYC brand from Target, but aren't currently listed on the website.

The nail polishes were Wet n Wild (on sale) and NYC brand.

Right to left: blush, eye shadows, foundation

Both brushes were e.l.f. brand; I chose the blush/bronzer and eye blending versions.



The bags were free from my sister who may or may not be a makeup bag pack rat (love you!) but I had originally found cute ones at the Dollar Store.

I actually did this project twice. The first time, I thought letting the polish cure in the bathroom attached to our bedroom would be fine as long as the fan was on and the door was shut. Not so much. Chris helpfully moved them into a drawer in the spare bathroom, but in doing so shut the lids, which caused the clear plastic to turn opaque in spots. Round two was allowed to cure in a drawer for three days between coats (with the lids left open) and turned out much better.

To prep the cosmetic containers I removed the pressed powder and shadows with a butter knife, washed them in hot water with a bit of dish soap, and then allowed everything to dry thoroughly. Once the containers dried, I poured in a thin layer of the chosen colors, used a toothpick to "stir" each section*, and allowed them to cure for at least three days. Five days would be preferable, but I was pressed for time after the first set met with disaster. 
*Shimmery nail polish will settle in strange lines, I found it looked much better to create a purposely swirled look. 

Once I had an acceptable number of layers (I stopped at three on the eye shadow and four on the foundation and blush), I painted a thin layer of top coat on each and let everything cure for an additional few days.


Duplicate sets so there was no potential for arguing!

The feedback I received on the way back from dropping off the kits was that the girls had already set up a beauty parlor in the living room to give makeovers to their dolls and each other.

"If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older."
Tom Stoppard