Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Our trip back home for Christmas was pretty fantastic. I packed light, for the first time ever, making do with only my purse and one carry-on bag for the entire two weeks. I'm usually at least a three bag traveler so this was a significant accomplishment. My first flight alone went smoothly, without turbulence or other worrisome things. My seatmate, however, did not share my opinion, being an extremely nervous flyer who rocked incessantly through the entire flight. 

Oregon was on its best behavior for my arrival, complete with blue skies and sunshine! Please excuse the prop in the photo; I was committed to documenting this rare occurrence. Unfortunately, the sun only lasted for the afternoon before returning to the standard grey and rain.

Mt Hood
Before leaving Idaho, I had lamented the fact that my cozy slippers took up too much room to accompany me. Chris arrived about a week after I did and, little did I know, had decided to make room in his bag to bring my slippers with him. I'm a lucky girl to have married such a thoughtful man.

We enjoyed lots of laughter, conversation, relaxation, and food while visiting family, catching up with friends, and playing around on the farm. I intended to post a slew of pictures from the trip, but it appears that we accidentally left our camera in Oregon. These two measly photos are all I have for now, but I suppose two are better than none.

Scenery from my parents' neck of the woods
 The pets were excited to have us home again; the pup hasn't let us out of his sight and the cat has been purring nonstop.

Blurry, but just look at that grin
Obsession of the week: The Lumineers - Ho Hey
 If you haven't heard this yet then you're definitely missing out. I'm not much of a dancer, but I can't stay still listening to this song.

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