Monday, January 23, 2012

Wardrobe Woes and Wins

I survived my first few days on the job with only a couple tender spots from my new, much lower heels that are being broken in. I have an intense dislike of nearly all shoes with heels under three inches, but the new job and my own traitorous feet are requiring that I look beyond my usual preferences. Explaining this predicament to sales people working the shoe department(s) prompted endless suggestions of, "These ones aren't cute...but they really are comfortable!" Despite these assertions, I just can't bring myself to purchase ugly shoes for the sake of physical comfort.

Umm... no thank you.
I stayed strong and found an understanding ear at Macy's, which resulted in a couple pairs that were acceptable both in height and looks. Shoe love is still reserved for true heels, but the new shoes are earning their place in the closet. The bright side of my shopping excursion was stumbling across a huge sale at Loft and purchasing several pairs of nice slacks for 60% off the sale prices. $12 - $25 for pairs that are normally priced north of $70 each is always something that I can get excited about!

In unrelated news: we had our first major snow storm last Wednesday. There was no snow on the ground at 6 am, but by 7:30 am a few inches had accumulated... which I unhappily discovered upon opening the garage to leave for a dental appointment. I promptly volunteered to take the vehicle with 4WD, since Chris is actually quite adept at driving in snowy conditions, and made it safely to and from my appointment. We ended up with about 6 inches total, but it was mostly gone by the next day as the overnight temperatures, thankfully, stayed above freezing.

As much as I dislike snow, I can still admit that it does make everything look pretty.

Obsession of the week: The Civil Wars - Poison & Wine
I'm a sucker for haunting duets and this one is amazing - goosebumps every time I listen. Which is multiple times per day. So I look like I'm constantly cold. Oh, wait... I am.

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