Monday, June 25, 2012

Pocketful of Sunshine

Summer has finally arrived in Boise! Our daytime highs haven't dipped much below the mid-80s in the past couple weeks, so bring on the sun-river-camping-hiking-biking-boating-fishing fun!

My coworkers and I have a mutual fondness of dogs and outdoor activities, so we have been doing a lot of group hikes lately. Our latest trip was to check out Military Reserve Park, which contains nearly 500 acres of crisscrossing trails. The loop that we took was quite literally uphill both ways, so the final verdict is that the park is awesome. And it kicked our butts. 

Well deserved
We also introduced some friends to Korean-style BBQ over the weekend, with great success. The only part of Korean BBQ that I dislike is the prep work - the amount of time required to prepare everything is disproportionally large in comparison to the meal itself. If it wasn't so delicious, I wouldn't be so willing to make it on a regular basis.

Obsession of the Week: I'll Bark When I Want To...
Please excuse the full title of this video, but it's way too funny not to share! I start giggling every time I think about it, and hysterical laughter ensues whenever I watch it - which has been about twelve times now. I don't want to bark anymore...

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." 
- Albert Einstein

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