Monday, June 11, 2012

An Ounce of Prevention

Our week and weekend were extremely quiet. I've been striving to stay hyper-focused at work and, while it's been paying off quite nicely, keeping that level of concentration and enthusiasm up for almost nine hours a day leaves me more than a little fatigued. I suppose that a lingering cold and stepping up my workouts might also be contributing factors.

I took some time from my rigorous weekend napping schedule for work on Saturday, date night Saturday evening (dinner + Prometheus, yay!), grocery shopping on Sunday... and that was it. Incredibly unexciting, but I'm working on listening to my body a little better. Mild heat exhaustion on one of our recent excursions was a good reminder of the benefits of this philosophy.

Weekend Snapshots

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard enjoying an early morning stroll

ZoĆ«, shoe guardian

Obsession of the Week: Body Pump
Holy. Freaking. Wow. I adore this workout! I honestly never thought I would say that about a weight lifting class. My coworker suggested this one last week and, although I readily agreed to it, I wasn't all that excited by the prospect. This class had me shaking from head to toe before it was over, drenched in sweat, and eager for more. I headed to work (after getting cleaned up, of course) and was in the best mood that carried over into the next day. The fact that I am now willing to get up at 5am for a few days every week speaks volumes.


jniz said...

Wow that does say something... Way too go sis!

Everyday Obscurity said...

Thanks! Not gonna lie though, I wasn't nearly as enthusiastic about the class this morning - it was rough...