Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Short Version

I've been dealing with some... interesting... challenges lately. My thyroid levels have gotten to the point where I feel sedated most days and end up falling asleep early in the evening - not to mention the fact that my short-term memory is somewhat nonexistent. Keeping my focus at work currently requires large amounts of caffeine and while I start out my evenings with the best of intentions, I generally have completely forgotten what I intended to do within an hour of arriving at home and am ready to hit the hay by 8pm. (This update is brought to you by the alarm I set on my phone, telling me to post something, anything, as it is now two days overdue.)

Bear with me, I will hopefully be fully functioning again in a week or two. And by fully functioning I mean capable of using power tools with supervision.


Jniz said...

Your pups have been stealing the meds. I mean look at them they look! Either that or they are following the leader of the pack. Either way I hope it passes quickly and finds you functioning with out supervision shortly.=)

Everyday Obscurity said...

Nah, they're just kinda lazy ;) The sunshine has been good for all of us lately.