Monday, March 12, 2012

Misplaced Time + A New Addition

I find myself constantly wondering where time has gone lately. We've been in our new house for three weeks, I've been at my new job for almost two months, and we're already halfway through March!

I had myself convinced that I would only take one week off from posting...
and then I blinked and it was three weeks later. In my own defense, I have been working a lot. The office has been crazy, and I work six days in a row there every couple weeks. My evenings at home have been spent working on graphic design projects and yet more unpacking; I've literally been falling into bed exhausted every night for the past two weeks. Chris has been amazing though - cooking dinner on the nights that I don't get home until 7 in the evening and keeping up on the laundry (my most hated chore). He's pretty fantastic.

We've also been having random snowstorms every few days which are greeted with enthusiasm by only half of our household. I'll give you two guesses as to which half...

Last weekend we went on a date to our favorite little Mexican restaurant (their Carne asada is unbelievably good), attended a yard care seminar at a local garden shop (woohoo, homeowner stuff!), and then explored the park near our neighborhood. The trail system was much more extensive than we realized and actually connects to the Greenbelt trail that follows the Boise River. The weather was lovely - partially cloudy, almost warm, and very little wind.

How gorgeous is this view!?
And finally, allow me to introduce Zoƫ - the newest addition to our little family of furballs.

She is about a year old and a total sweetheart. She and Jake are getting on well, but the cat is understandably concerned.

"Anybody who doesn't know what soap tastes like never washed a dog."
Franklin P. Jones

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Jniz said...

I like Zoe. She is a cute furball addition.