Monday, March 19, 2012

Domestic Ponderings

I've been contemplating a lot of decor related items (love Pinterest!) and am slowly making plans for the new house. I originally thought that I would have a good idea of what I wanted to do decor-wise by the time we moved in, but I've discovered that I enjoy taking my time on these decisions. In lieu of any real verdicts, I'll share some of the items that have made the short list:

I like this idea for our entryway, but would make the birds smaller and the background a bit more rough and abstract. Also I would stretch it across at least two, if not three, canvases.

I'm obsessing over modifying a version of this bench for the foot of our bed. It won't be quite as rustic and the corners/edges will be purposely rounded as I am incredibly talented at finding the sharp edges of furniture at two in the morning.

(my own creation)
I adore quotes laid out in this fashion; above is a rough idea of how I may try to incorporate this particular one into our home. I grew up with this verse and it holds a lot of meaning for me, despite its extreme overuse in recent years.

I'm in love with this idea for a pergola. The side pieces would add just a bit more privacy for the deck while still creating an airy, open feeling.

I'm already drafting up a design inspired by the idea of a glass top console table that doubles as a desk. It will be about half as wide as the one in the photo since it will be used on the small wall between the entry and the dining room.

Obsession of the week: Christina Perri - A Thousand Years
I have a weakness for just about everything from Christina Perri, but this song is my current favorite (despite the fact that it was used as Bella and Edward's wedding song in Breaking Dawn).

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