Saturday, August 27, 2011

Camping, Part Two: The Locale

After two hours of dirt roads and blind corners, we settled into a campground. Well...sort of in the campground. We decided that the island area outside of the campground looked like a better spot since it allowed us to set up all of the tents in a group. It was a bit more work to get the gear out to the site (down a ledge and across the dry part of the riverbed) but being slightly away from the campground made it feel much more secluded. The only downside were the voracious mosquitoes who were apparently immune to bug spray, smoke, and citronella candles.

While it ended up being too hot to do any hiking, the river offered some fun recreation. The area right outside of our camp was relatively shallow and perfect for setting up a chair and relaxing with our feet in the water. Slightly down river there were some deeper areas of rapids that lead to a calm pool which we decided was a great set up for tubing.

Still not a water dog, but he put his face in to get a stick

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Sliverfarm Fruit said...

What a beautiful spot! Looks like Chris had lots of fun! Glad it was a great weekend.