Monday, September 5, 2011

Dabbling In D-I-Y

I've started a DIY list which includes everything from furniture to outdoor candle pillars. Instead of jumping off the deep end (and into the unsupervised use of large power tools), I decided to tackle the easiest item on my list: drawer organizers.

My original intention was to buy small and medium-sized mesh baskets to bring some organization to a few large, shallow drawers throughout the house. When I found out that the price for this type of basket was around $7 each, I decided that a less expensive route would be worth finding. Some quick research showed that people were using everything from craft boards, yardsticks, or rulers to staples, wood glue, or small nails for this type of project.

In the end, the only items I deemed necessary were:
- Thin board (sawed or scored/snapped into appropriate lengths)
- Wood glue
- Messy drawer



And the best part is, my total on the project was less than $1 per drawer!

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Jeanette said...

Well done! Presto instant neato.