Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Between The Lines

How has it already been a month since my last post?!

Life continues as  a quick succession of busy nothings that are also everything. The nicer weather of late means that we have been able to do fun outings more often on weekends that always seem too short. We're trying to balance quality time and activities for Jr with getting everything in order for Little Miss to arrive among all of the usual schedules, appointments, and to-dos. We're happy, we're busy, we're stressed, we're blessed: life continues much the same and yet completely different.

I did finally transition Jr out of the sleep suits we have been using for the past year and a half and into a Halo Sleepsack Big Kids - so far, I love it! I was a little concerned about the sudden transition to no sleeves, but he adjusted like a champ the first night. If things continue as well as they have been, I think I may plan to move Little Miss into this style a bit earlier than we did with Jr.

Most mornings in the office.

This little man is in the midst of his first round with his two year molars - yikes!

Jr loved every minute of using the indoor play place that we found over spring break!

Our Easter activities - we used his favorite fruits (diced) as egg filler and gave him his very own plush white cat since the real deal wants almost nothing to do with him at the moment.

What else would you do in a sensory bin?

Beach day! Jr loved running back and forth with the waves.

Waving and saying "hello!" to seagulls.

Checking out the pier after a late lunch.

Carousel ride! Apparently we kept the beach theme going by choosing a pirate horse.

Hanging out in the yard on a mellow spring evening.

Strawberry plants from Pops and Gigi - something tells me he may not have the patience to let them ripen!

Afternoon stroll.

That was one of two red tulips in the yard. I guess he knew they were my favorite! :)

So close.

Pregnancy Update

How far along: 32 weeks

Maternity clothes: Yep! I still use my normal cardigans/jackets/etc since I tend to get chilled with bare arms but don't need them buttoned or zipped.

Sleep: You win some, you lose some. It seems like I have a pretty decent night of sleep every three or four days.

Best moment this week: The delivery of our glider! The pressure on my stomach that happens when holding/rocking Jr has been getting increasingly uncomfortable, but he's not a fan of stationary snuggles. I'm beyond relieved to have another option for soothing him (while sitting, no less!) and it will be SO nice to have when Little Miss arrives.

Missing anything: Nothing too terribly intense, but I do miss my regular clothes and bending over without a big ol' belly in the way! I would say alcohol, but realized I haven't had more than an occasional sip here and there since before I was pregnant with Jr. Supply issues make you kind of fussy about things like intentionally pumping and dumping! Cheers to another dry two years?

Movement: Phew! Someone seems to be running out of room in there, or is reorganizing some of my organs to suit her space preferences.

Cravings: Still nothing very specific as far as what I'm craving, but very specific as far as how I'm craving it. For example, I really want fresh things, which could normally be solved by a green salad or a bowl of mixed fruit. However, I am turning into a toddler who does not want these delicious things to be mixed - each component tastes better separate! Ei-yi-yi...

Anything making you queasy or sick: Easter lilies. My crazy pregnancy nose interprets them as incredibly strong BO. I ran a quick errand before Easter and walking by the display of lilies literally caused me to recoil as if I had run into a wall. It was like being hugged by someone who hadn't showered in a month!

Gender: A Girl!

Labor signs: I've had a couple brilliant periods of forgetting to drink much water, which has resulted in some pretty uncomfortable stretches of Braxton Hicks. Nothing a couple days of extra rest and LOTS of water hasn't been able to fix though!

Symptoms: The normal discomfort more days than not, and I can feel the third trimester tiredness creeping in. I'm a little afraid that if I give in and slow down, I won't be able to get anything done!

Happy or moody: It's all over the place. Mostly happy, but all it really takes is a few things going unexpectedly sideways to get upsetting. Spending most of a morning getting the run-around from our health insurance on billing issues was the most recent kerfuffle to send me into tears.

Looking forward to: Clearing out the spare room closet and rearranging the furniture that will be staying until Little Miss is ready to move in so I can start getting the room ready. I officially decided on the colors that we will be using so there's no stopping me now!

Baby gear/preparations: Since baby two is a different gender, I decided to give the go ahead on the baby shower inquiries. Mom, Mom-in-Law, Sis, and The Bestie are tackling the logistics so I just get to show up and enjoy it.

Funny moments:
I decided to do the grocery shopping solo recently, which was probably for the best since otherwise I would have had a witness to me allegedly leaving the store, wandering into the parking lot and trying to get into a Toyota, only to realize that I drove a Jeep instead. I can neither confirm or deny that pregnant me will turn to a life of crime when left unsupervised.

"Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music."
William Stafford

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