Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Little Slice of Heaven

You guys! No lie, I just had the best night of sleep I've had in at least a month.*
*Full disclosure: it still involved being up three times during the night, but it was amazing regardless.

And to top it off, Jr. SLEPT IN. So not only was I well rested and in a fabulous mood, but he was as well. And THAT hasn't happened in a while since we've been going through a reflux-flare-up-growth-spurt-and-mobility-leap thing.

AND THEN he ate really well and napped for almost an hour, which meant I had time to pump, feed the pets, make an iced coffee, shower, put makeup on, and almost finish my hair before he was up again. So we were out the door for grocery shopping at 9:30am. 

After we got back I was able to prep dinner and put it in the crockpot, we both had breakfast (gluten free toast with avocado for me, Plum Organics and prune juice for him), the kitchen was wiped down, I did some vacuuming, and spent 15 minutes trying to find the sock that magically disappeared from Jr's foot while we were playing - all before his 11am nap.

After weeks of fussiness, this morning was a balm for my weary soul. Bonus: At 11:30am I had a sleeping baby, a humming washing machine, and few minutes to blog for the first time in a month.

February Snapshots

1) View
Everyday Obscurity Monthly Snapshots
Jr was too busy chewing to look, but it was a beautiful day at the park.

2) Happy
Everyday Obscurity Monthly Snapshots
We retired our wooden coffee table for now; this leather number will mean fewer bruises for Jr.

3) Balance
Everyday Obscurity Monthly Snapshots
Don't worry, Mom. I'm just going to stand on these books so I can reach the table better.

4) Wear
Everyday Obscurity Monthly Snapshots
My mom made this fox hat for Jr, which is quite possibly one of my favorite things ever.

5) Love
Everyday Obscurity Monthly Snapshots
Weekend beverages and father-son time.

6) Everyday
Everyday Obscurity Monthly Snapshots
All the transitions meant there were plenty of sad baby snuggles.

Everyday Obscurity Monthly Snapshots
Lots of sad baby snuggles.
7) Eat
Everyday Obscurity Monthly Snapshots
I don't eat them, but apparently I have a knack for making omelettes.

8) Project
Everyday Obscurity Monthly Snapshots
The first piece of art for the nursery!

9) Habit
Everyday Obscurity Monthly Snapshots
Champagne Thursday may or may not have saved my sanity last month.

10) Favorite
Everyday Obscurity Monthly Snapshots
So sleepy.

"How simple it is to see that we can only be happy now, and there will never be a time when it is not now."
Gerald Jampolsky


Jaggy said...

I need sad baby snuggles... Need them so much. He is so precious and so very adorable! I look forward to your posts, both here and on Instagram!

Everyday Obscurity said...

Well thank you! And yes, the sad baby snuggles definitely should be shared!