Saturday, August 9, 2014

Slow and (Somewhat?) Steady

It seems there may be a light at the end of the tunnel - but not the kind that you walk towards, thank goodness. Jr continues to thrive, but is definitely throwing a fair share of curveballs to deal with. I suppose it's par for the course on a first baby. Currently I have moved to once weekly appointments at the hospital with any extra appointments being just normal check-ups, so it looks like we may be heading back towards ordinary life. And normalcy means more than just that - construction on our house is supposed to be complete in two weeks, so we will be settled again soon!! It's really neat to finally see all of my our finish choices coming together, and so far everything is looking as cohesive as I anticipated.

Fell asleep mid-party...

Obsession of the Week: Ease into 5K
With a couple exceptions, I received the all-clear to start working out again. Since I like structured work outs and haven't gone for a run in let's say, oh, about nine months... I decided to start with a 5k app by the name of Ease into 5K, which appears to be a revamped version of C25K.

So far, I love it. It's much more enjoyable than most of the apps that I have used in the past. The interface is very straightforward, the voice instructions (when to run, when to walk, current pace, etc) are clear and concise. The journal feature covers everything that I normally like to log about my runs and the best part is that my iTunes playlists will run while I use the app. All in all, it's been a fantastic little app to help me start getting back into the swing of things. Barring any additional setbacks, I should be back to 5K form by October!

"Sickness comes on horseback but departs on foot."
Dutch Proverb


Jniz said...

Nice I have heard the pumpkin run is fun and fun to say. LOL

Everyday Obscurity said...

I was planning a 5k in October, but I got slapped with an extended "no exercise" restriction the week after I took up running again. Argh. But I'm getting back into it this week!