Monday, September 24, 2012

False Start

My day off last week started out with this view.

I was pretty dang excited, and then I realized that A) that was smoke and B) it was still going to be 90 degrees. Did this realization stop me from spending the day wandering around in an autumn-induced delirium? Not a chance. Autumn is my New Year - full of crisp possibilities and endless adventure. After a brutal summer of relentless smoke and heat, the freedom that fall promises is literally making me weak in the knees.

What's a girl in love with autumn supposed to do when it's nearing October and still feels like summer? Shop for cardigans, seasonal candles, scarves, cozy blankets, and seriously consider buying another peacoat regardless of the weather! Purchasing an album by The Civil Wars and making a fall playlist is optional, but highly recommended.

Seasonal candle that isn't overwhelmingly perfumed: Score!

Obsession of the Week: Zach vs. Dinosaur

What happens when a toddler meets a dinosaur? "Wun!!!!"

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