Monday, August 6, 2012

In Which I Admit To Missing Oregon

It's official: I miss Oregon. Cold, grey rain and all. 

It's more that I feel a bit hoodwinked regarding Boise's 'typical' weather. Our first year here was mild: reasonable summer temperatures, a long drawn out fall (my favorite season), little snow, and an almost perfect spring.   

Currently, it's hot as hell. Only five days out of the last 37 have had daytime highs below 90*. Only one of those five days was below 85*. I'm all for summer sun, but I draw the line when anything-outdoors-that-does-not-involve-being-submerged-in-water becomes impossible and results in 2nd degree sunburns. Not cool.

There are also wildfires all over this summer, which I've discovered is apparently normal and of little concern to the locals. I, on the other hand, am in an acute state of unease when this is the view from my front yard.

Umm... at what point should I pack a "go bag"?

And let's not even start on the dust storm that rolled through yesterday afternoon, leaving Boise in a haze that lasted until late today.

All that grey sky? Dust.

All I can say is that there had better be an amazing fall and mild winter coming, otherwise the Willamette Valley just might be seeing us a few years sooner than expected. 

On a more positive note, I just discovered that Costco sells enormous dogs beds that smell like cedar for just $20. A bed that fits both dogs and leaves them with a pleasant woodsy scent? Awesome.


Jniz said...

Oregon misses you too =) you need a pool to control the hotness and it could double as a fire dousing if needed =)

Everyday Obscurity said...

Haha, very true!