Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Vacation, Less Work.

Let’s face it; going from vacation straight to six days at the office is not a nice transition. It's also exactly what I did last week. Fun times.

While we were on vacation it was decided that some of our routines needed to be streamlined. Meal planning is something that I have been using for quite some time, but I've started meal planning with my freezer in mind in an attempt to reduce our grocery budget while simultaneously making weeknight meals easier. So far it has been a success; our grocery spending has been reduced by about 20% and our freezer is slowly being stocked with precooked meals to be added into the weekly rotation.

We also created a master list for our household chores and broke them down into checklists of weekly, biweekly, and monthly tasks. The nice part about having the checklist is that the person who gets home first knows exactly what needs to be started on, which makes our efforts feel more like teamwork rather than individual attempts to control the chaos that tries to rampant through our house.

Obsession of the Week: JAVOedge cases
I had a girly moment when it came to buying a much needed case for my phone. A phone case with animal print and it's a wallet? Sold!
(Admit it, this is pretty much the cutest thing ever.)


Aargh! The Simple Life? said...

Cute! Do they have one with frogs?

Everyday Obscurity said...

Not that I've seen, but they have cute green ones!