Monday, May 14, 2012

Of Diets and Decor

At the end of April I decided to go gluten and sugar free for a couple weeks in an effort to figure out what's been throwing my digestive system out of whack. Two weeks and a few experiments later, I've discovered that gluten is a large part of what has been causing the issues. Sad day.

The good news is that it doesn't appear that I will need to be strictly gluten free, but avoiding any obvious sources of gluten has proven helpful. Aside from Al Fresco chicken sausages, I haven't really been experimenting with foods that are specifically marketed as "gluten free" - instead sticking to fresh protein, fruits, vegetables, and plain dairy products with an occasional serving of rice to satisfy any carbohydrate cravings. Since Chris and I normally eat a pretty "clean" diet it hasn't been too much of a challenge, but I do miss my spaghetti...

Project of the Week: Ugly Vase Makeover
A recent trip to TJ Maxx concluded with me becoming the proud new owner of a hideously painted vase, and earning some major side-eye from Chris, for the bargain price of $3. The shape of the vase was good and it had a nice pattern on the base, so with a few coats of Dark Bronze Rust-Oleum it turned into a charming addition to our mantle. I forgot to take a "before" picture, but imagine the vase below in glossy puke yellow and orange colors. Pictures of the finished mantle will be coming in the next week or two - just as soon as our newly purchased artwork arrives!

"Sanity is madness put to good uses."
George Santayana


Kevin said...

looks like it could double as a whack-a-mole mallet or perp thumper. nicely done.

Everyday Obscurity said...

I just realized that a lot of the items I buy for decor could double as weapons in a pinch... Apparently Chris has way too much influence on me!