Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Adventures in Boise

We had a very relaxing weekend. Saturday morning we rented a canoe and headed out to paddle around Lake Lowell. It was hot, I am sunburned. We took the dog and he did surprisingly well in the boat (i.e. we only almost capsized twice).

Sunday afternoon we decided to go for a drive through the foothills and ended the day at our new favorite pizza place, Lucky 13. The drive was gorgeous, although most of the road we decided on turned out to be dirt.

Our adventure started with ice cream, as all good adventures do.

Sunset on the canal surrounding our neighborhood.

Monday was pretty lazy; between the amateur fireworks and the two professional shows that could be seen from our neighborhood there was no need to brave the crowds!

Someone was not a fan of the 4th. Poor guy.

Now to get things in order for an overnight visit from a friend and a few days with my sister (yay!). Good motivation to hang the rest of our pictures...


Sliverfarm Fruit said...

The area looks beautiful. Poor Jakers.

Everyday Obscurity said...

It really is! He did ok overall, still getting a little nervous about going outside at night though.