Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Life at Seven Weeks

So much has changed in so little time - quite honestly it kinda feels like we've been to hell and back. Little Miss was diagnosed with reflux, which is just now starting to get under control with medication. It was a couple weeks of an unhappy, screaming, vomiting baby who only napped for 15 minutes at a time and also had a severe diaper rash thanks to the fact that there was a new dirty diaper pretty much every time she blinked, and a toddler who stopped sleeping through the night and couldn't understand why Mommy's hands were always full with the baby.

Two landfills and countless loads of laundry later, it seems like we're finally making progress on those issues. The best diaper rash treatment we've patched together (with pediatrician approval) is a rag and water cleaning, Mylanta applied topically, followed by a layer of Triple Paste, and topped with a layer of extra strength Boudreaux's Butt Paste. Plus a daily application of hydrocortisone cream. At its worst, that entire production was redone every 20 - 30 minutes, but we've graduated to three (or six) diaper changes per waking period. I'll admit right now that Jr watched way more TV than I ever intended during the worst of that transition. #honestparenting #realitycheck

For now, we still don't have a "typical" day. I'm working my basic daily and weekly routines, but sometimes even that doesn't happen. And that's ok, even though it frustrates me. Some days are good, some days I have to call for reinforcements, and every day requires flexibility. Such is life with an infant and a two year old!

It's a good thing he likes to help!

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