Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ready to Roll

Despite my rigorous napping schedule, I've managed to check off everything on my pre-delivery to-do list a few days earlier than anticipated - with the last two items being prepping our "night-time" diapers and packing the hospital bag.

Hopefully these work out as well as their reputation indicates!

Nearly every hospital bag "essentials" list that I've found seems over complicated, and most actually need two bags just to fit everything in. Keeping that in mind, my main goal was to pack relatively light using only one carry-on size bag. That mission has been accomplished, and now I'm just hoping that I haven't overlooked an actual essential in my quest to keep it simple.

For me:
Basic makeup and toiletries, chap stick, lotion, basic nursing supplies, lounge pants, tanks, and an extra long sweater which doubles as light bathrobe.

For Chris:
Comfortable change of clothes, toiletries, nicer shirt for pictures, snacks, and electronics.

For Baby:
Onesies, pants, hat, socks, receiving blanket, swaddle blanket, and baby book (for hand and foot stamps).

Elephant theme, of course!

And now we wait...


How far along: 39 weeks

Maternity clothes: Yep...

Sleep: Ha!

Best moment this week: Friday was my last day at the office - maternity leave has begun! Originally I hadn't thought it would make much difference whether I was at work or not for the last week(s), but I discovered that it's actually rather challenging to have the same conversation every five minutes for eight hours at a time. "Yes, I'm due soon. It's a boy. Yes, I'm rather uncomfortable. No, we aren't announcing the name yet." (Cue awkward personal questions/TMI labor stories.)

Missing anything? The ability to bend at the waist. And having a waist...

Movement: Holy. Smokes. There isn't much room for either of us at this point! We watched 'Prometheus' a while back and I think someone was taking notes for an escape through my ribs à la 'Alien'.

Cravings: Nectarines - I can't get enough of them!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing that stands out, but then again I have been using a lot of my breaks at work to sleep because priorities! Nearly all of my food is fresh and/or not heated so I can discretely snack on it just about anywhere. Naps, not so much.

Gender: Boy, oh boy.

Labour signs: The occasional contraction, a lot of Braxton Hicks, and nothing substantial in the way of progress.

Symptoms: Still puffy, and it's kind of everywhere now. Good times...

Happy or moody: Rather moody, but I have a feeling that will improve shortly. I don't feel terribly grouchy, but I've been told (repeatedly) how uncomfortable/awful I look which is, of course, fantastic for morale.

Looking forward to: Meeting our little man!

Funny moments: Apparently there is a point of pregnancy when you call your husband in the middle of the afternoon and the first thing out of his mouth will be, "Is it time?!" And then you will feel bad and start every following conversation with, "Nothing is happening, I was just wondering if you could stop at the store on your way home..."

"A baby is a blank cheque made payable to the human race."
Barbara Christine Seifert

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