Monday, May 23, 2011

Well, That Was Fast

The weekend just flew by! Packing, studying, bowling, movie, dinner(s) with friends...and right back to the grind on Monday.

Yours truly bowled her best games ever this weekend, winning the first two and losing the third by only 4 points. Which lead to me being accused of hustling my fellow bowlers (only in jest, we're all friends) as there were strikes and spares all over the place! AND I won a prize for having the second turkey of the evening. Considering my high score prior to this weekend was about 62 points, this was exciting (at least to me).

In other news, the cat has figured out that something is up and has decided that it is necessary to follow me from room to room, yowling complaints about the injustices of his furry life. The upside is that he likes to lay down on my feet whenever I stop so there has been no need to wear slippers. That and his grumpy face has been cracking me up.

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